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Discover Dani Patrice Coaching, a thriving community dedicated to empowering women to seize control of their health and wellness. If you’re tired of endless diets, confusion, and feeling overwhelmed, we’re here to guide you towards a lifestyle where health and fitness become second nature. In just 30 days, our average success story boasts a remarkable weight loss of 3-4kg. 

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  • You’re yearning for lasting, impactful changes in your life.
  • Your commitment to your goals is unwavering.
  • You’re eager to expand your knowledge and evolve.
  • Feedback is something you welcome and value.
  • Belonging to a community of like-minded individuals resonates with you.
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Are you caught in the vicious diet cycle? Tried every fad diet out there without success? Do your health and fitness goals fall by the wayside come Friday? Is a lack of confidence and ill-fitting clothes eroding your self-esteem? Are intimidating gyms holding you back? Does the world of nutrition and training feel like uncharted territory?

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For girls looking for a personalised approach!
  • Personalised Meal Plan
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For girls looking for a supportive community!
199 8 Weeks
  • Personalised Macros & Calories
  • Gym or Home Workouts
  • WhatsApp Group
  • 1:1 Check-Ins
  • Support From Your Team
  • Members Portal
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What Our Clients Say About Dani Patrice Coaching

Every client is important to me; I invest time in understanding each individual, considering their unique lifestyle and crafting a path tailored to their needs. Drawing from my personal experience of navigating through fad diets, weight gains, and losses, I guide each woman on a journey towards their goals. It's about achieving milestones without surrendering one's life—offering unwavering support, knowledge, responsibility, and expert guidance along the way.